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Get into more inboxes

Send better email newsletters, promote awesome products

Reduce costs

Send Emails via Amazon SES or in-house mail server without paying a per-email fee.

Keep your subscribers data in house

Connect to a variety of CRM databases (without sharing your data).

System requirements: Windows® 7, 8, 10 Windows® Server 2012 or higher

More than 7,500 businesses use EasyMail7 to send their awesome newsletters.

EasyMail7 customers

Stephen and Carmen Verdon, Ph.D."I have Tested many eMail Marketing Services both Online and Computer Based Platforms and I can Honestly Say that your EasyMail7 Program speaks Volumes. Your Communication is Bar-None as it Directly Reflects the Pride in your Work, Ability to Maintain an Effective and Straight-Forward Communication as well as Julia’s Enthusiasm with her approach towards providing us with an Effective Overview of the ‘Many’ Benefits included within this Truly Remarkable Software.

Not only have you Saved us a Considerable Amount of Money, but more Importantly, Time, Complete Control of our Database and a Direct Approach whereby Contacting our Valued Customers with a less Commercial Format from which we are able to Better Personalize our eMail Communication with them. We can only Wish you Continued Success and that Anyone who needs to Communicate with a Large Amount of Customers without providing their Lists with an Outside (Online) eMail Outsourcing Service, you Definitely are Miles Ahead of your Competition. Congratulations and Thank you for providing a Superlative Product."

Stephen and Carmen Verdon, Ph.D.

Turn any email provider into a growth marketing platform

Email Marketing Automation Software

What will you use it for?

Easy-to-use, In-house Email Marketing Software for Windows

An easy-to-use interface makes email marketing a breeze

With EasyMail7 you get hybrid IN-HOUSE email marketing software for permission based email marketing which helps you create and deliver awesome, personalized emails to your customers, easily build fully-customizable drip campaigns for all your needs: keeping in touch with prospects who are not yet ready to purchase, reengaging dormant leads, distributing helpful hints and tips to current or future clients.

You can send the right email at the right time with dynamic content and flexible email scheduling, optimize deliverability with 3rd party email senders like Amazon SES, Sendgrid, Mandrill, etc… EasyMail7 transforms SMTP relays and On-Premise solutions into fully functional in-house Email Service Providers with the highest level of data security.

EasyMail7 doesn’t replace your existing SMTP relay or delivery service. It works as a powerful front-end to email delivery services and On-Premise email solutions and allows you to easily switch email sending services without losing your contact list.

  • Hybrid In-House Email Marketing Platform for Windows®

    EasyMail7 is the first in-house email marketing software for Windows built on a client-server model. You get two components: EasyMail7 Server and EasyMail7 Client. You can install the EasyMail7 Server on a local computer, or on a network Windows server, or on a cloud-based server for example Amazon EC2 or Windows Azure Virtual Machine.

    All program data, your email list and messages are stored locally on your own machine on the EasyMail7 Server, keeping your data safe and secure. The program uses the strong 256-bit AES encrypted connection between the EasyMail7 Server and Client which means your data is protected and kept safe.

    Email Marketing software for Windows
    Unique client-server email marketing solution for Windows
    How users work with other email tools:
    • 1 Each user installs email software on his computer
    • 2 Each user can access only the program data stored on his computer
    • 3 If users need to share the data, they either export, import lists and messages, or place all data to a shared folder that can be accessed by everyone in the organization — very not secure!
    • 4 Users cannot manage the same contact lists and send emails to the same lists at the same time
    • 5 The program is locked in sending mode and the user can’t do anything else. The program must be kept opened until the sending process is finished.
    How users work with G-Lock EasyMail7:
    • 1 Admin installs the EasyMail7 Server on a network computer and individual EasyMail7 Client for each user in the team
    • 2 Admin creates users and workplaces on the EasyMail7 Server and assigns users to workplaces
    • 3 Each user logins to the EasyMail7 Server from Client and manages lists and campaigns in his workplace. All data is stored in a safe and secure place — on the EasyMail7 Server.
    • 4 Several users can work within the same workplace managing the same contact lists and sending email campaigns at the same time
    • 5 Since G-Lock EasyMail7 is client-server application the user can click the Send button and close the EasyMail7 Client without waiting for the sending process to finish. The EasyMail7 Server will send emails on the background.

Flexible contacts database

Unlimited groups, subscribers and custom fields for email personalization

G-Lock EasyMail7 allows you to easily manage and customize your contact records’ data. You can create unlimited groups with unlimited contacts, easily add new contacts to a group, modify contact details in an instant, import and export contacts, merge contact groups, purge contact groups, create a link to your contact database from G-Lock EasyMail7 and much more. All data is stored securely on your own PC to ensure privacy and security.

  • Forget about Annoying Import Wizard Steps

    If your contacts are stored in an MS Access, MS Excel, CSV Text file or in the MySQL or MS SQL server database, G-Lock EasyMail7 allows you to create the group directly from the file without going through the annoying steps of the Import Wizard.

    Watch this 1-min video to see how easy it is to create a contact group with recipients in EasyMail7:

Custom Message Design

Beautiful emails, across all devices. You have full control over your messages

G-Lock EasyMail7 includes a fully-featured context-sensitive message editor so that you can create a HTML email directly in the program. You have unlimited customization options (body, header, footer, colors etc.) for your templates and messages. Plus, you can create your own layout in any standalone HTML editor like Adobe DreamWeaver, FrontPage, or Microsoft Expression Web and load it in G-Lock EasyMail7, or you can download beautiful HTML email templates from our store and use them to design responsive email newsletters.

  • Quick Drag-and-Drop Message Editor

    The mobile friendly email templates with drag and drop objects allow you to quickly create professional emails with your look and feel. You do not need to hire an email designer to create a nice HTML email for you, or spend hours coding the right HTML yourself in a 3rd party editor. G-Lock EasyMail7 has the built in drag-and-drop message editor that does things very quickly.

    See our drag-and-drop email editor in action in this 3 min video:

Manage delivery inhouse or outsource to multiple providers

Send newsletters in your way


G-Lock EasyMail7 keeps your list private and secure and does not expose your subscriber’s list to the list members. You can customize From name, From email address and Return email address and choose the suitable delivery mode including your custom SMTP server, your ISP SMTP server Amazon SES API or SMTP. You can send newsletters to more than one group and/or segment at a time and you can use automated emails to send a follow-up series to your subscribers.

Just remember – a fully confirmed opted-in list is important. It is a general prerequisite for sustainable INBOX deliverability and conversion rates.

  • Send newsletters, 100x cheaper

    If you can’t use your ISP SMTP server due to email sending restrictions and you don’t have your own SMTP server, you can signup with Amazon SES and configure G-Lock EasyMail7 to use Amazon SES API.

    G-Lock EasyMail7 automatically controls your sending rate allowed for your account to comply with Amazon SES sending policy.

    In addition to Amazon SES API, you can use your Amazon SES SMTP credentials in G-Lock EasyMail7.

    All program data is securely stored on the EasyMail7 Server which makes it possible for many users to share contact lists and messages without export-import or work with the personal workplace.

    Send Newsletters 100x Cheaper via Amazon SES API

    Send Newsletters 100x Cheaper via Amazon SES API

    How other email tools work with Amazon SES:
    • 1 No Amazon SES API supported — you enter your Amazon SES SMTP credentials in the account
    • 2 You check your max send rate with Amazon and set simultaneous SMTP connections to match your max send rate
    • 3 You control your daily limit with Amazon and manually resume sending on the next day if not all emails were sent due to your quote
    How G-Lock EasyMail7 works with Amazon SES:
    • 1 You enter your Access Key and Secret Access Key for Amazon SES API in the account
    • 2 You do not need to control your SMTP connections — G-Lock EasyMail7 adjusts them automatically according to your max send rate with Amazon
    • 3 You do not need to worry about email delivery — G-Lock EasyMail7 automatically stops and resumes sending in 24 hours if the limit is reached

Real Time Tracking

Close the loop on your email marketing efforts with powerful analytics

G-Lock EasyMail7 is integrated with G-Lock Analytics, Google Analytics, and Piwik Analytics tracking services which means you can instantly know if the subscriber opened your email, clicked links in the email and visited your web site.

  • See Open and Click Rates for Every Email

    G-Lock Email Analytics is an extremely sophisticated email tracking service that provides real time tracking: email opens and clicks, prints and forwards, geographical location and email clients the recipients use to open the email. Unlike other email tracking services, with G-Lock Email Analytics you can brand your tracking links with your domain and make them look friendly for your recipients.

    G-Lock Analytics is a standalone service. The price for G-Lock Analytics is NOT included into the price for G-Lock EasyMail7 license.

    Watch this quick video to learn how easy it is to send emails and track email opens and link clicks using EasyMail7 and G-Lock Email Analytics.

Automated Bounce Handling

Keep your list up-to-date and protect your good sender reputation

With the Bounce Handler in G-Lock EasyMail7 you can quickly process bounce messages after your email campaign is complete. The Bounce Handler provides you with the most accurate bounce detection solution. It downloads your bounces and classifies them as hard bounce, soft bounce, mail block and abuse/fraud feedback reports.

  • Automatically Clean Your Groups from Invalid Addresses

    The Bounce Handler in G-Lock EasyMail7 can automatically unsubscribe or delete bounce email addresses from your contact groups. This helps you prevent your IP address from being blacklisted for repeated sending to invalid email addresses and keep your good sender reputation. Plus, your future email campaigns will be sent faster because G-Lock EasyMail7 won’t waste time for trying to send the message to invalid recipients.

    Automatically Delete or Unsubscribe Bounce Emails in Groups

    Automatically Delete or Unsubscribe Bounce Emails in Groups


See for yourself why more than 7,500 customers use EasyMail7 to create and deliver awesome, personalized emails to their customers.

Download EasyMail7 14-day Trial Now!
Send the right email at the right time with dynamic content and flexible email scheduling



We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

(And fortunately, we didn’t have to.) Check out what others have to say about G-Lock EasyMail7.

by Leah Evans:

EasyMail7 is a feature-rich email marketing software. Its sole intent is to make the process of implementing your email campaigns as easy, thorough and effective. I’m also very impressed with the affordability of the software, especially as it only requires a one-off payment for lifetime access.

Thank you to Alex Markov for answering my interview questions. It’s been a fantastic experience learning about EasyMail7.

Average rating:  
 24 reviews
 by Randy Hunt on G-Lock EasyMail7
Wonderful Service and Support

I am using EasyMail7 with AWS. I am enjoying using the software, and it does more than what I expected. The support is unbelievable! I contacted support (Julia) with a complicated AWS question, and she knew exactly how to fix my situation. She took the time to go above and beyond what typical online companies ever do. I feel like I have a friend helping me in sending emails!

I encourage you to try Easymail7.


 by Steven Nagy on G-Lock EasyMail7
Very flexible email broadcast software

We are using this software for years now, and it's very handy to create our subscribers list as a query against our CRM database, and have the list updated automatically every time we send out another newsletter. A lot of other cloud solutions require you to export your list from your CRM, and import it back to their system, which is too much manual work.

EasyMail has lots of great features and they keep adding new ones. I just learned about how to update your CRM based on hard bounce back emails, to make sure you don't send again to those wrong addresses. G-Lock also sends you very useful tips about email marketing.

I am really happy to use their software.

Steven Nagy

Supply Chain Management Association Ontario,
IT Systems Administrator

 by Zeki J on G-Lock EasyMail7
Finally i have found the perfect bulk mail software!

I have been throwing money away year after year with Mad Mimi, Constant Contact etc.

Finally i discover Amazon SES. Low cost ($1 per 10,000 emails sent) and ultra high deliverability.

So all i needed was an app to connect to Amazon SES to send my emails from, manage my contacts, bounces, unsubscribes etc.

G-LOCK Easymail7 has answered all my prayers.

Email design / html importing: Easy.
Contact management: Piece of cake.
Bounce handling: Flawless.

Most importantly it is a stand alone app that does not require you to install on your web server. For example, Go Daddy do not support a wordpress bulk mailing solution. So using this stand alone application takes care of any of those possible issues. It's just you, easymail and amazon ses.

I have had a few technical niggles due to me setting it up incorrectly at the beginning but every time Julia and the team have assisted me promptly and successfully. After sales support is so important. These guys have it in abundance.

I thoroughly recommend this software. Does everything you need and the Customer Service is unbeatable. Go get it!

Zeki J
Properties Abroad,
IT Manager

 by Gary LaRoy on G-Lock EasyMail7
Exceptional Product ... Exceptional Service

EasyMail7 offers a comprehensive suite of services to assist the large-volume emailer. The ability to rotate email addresses allows you to break out of the limitations of many of the web hosting companies that restrict the number of emails you send on an hourly basis. Additionally, the easy integration with Amazon's SES program provides an exceptional tool for the ethical emailer.

Gary LaRoy, Principal

 by Vicki on G-Lock EasyMail7
GLock 7

We recently bought Glock 7 after using Glock 6 for a couple of years.
Glock7 is so much faster when sending out an email list and it is easier to use.
We are also receiving prompt tech support from the Glock team.

Thank you so much, Glock!

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EasyMail7 customers

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