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13 Tips for Creating Email Newsletter Your Subscribers Will Love

Unlike your website or product, where the fashion, design, layout and information do matter, your email newsletter is more about the relationship it builds between you and your subscribers.

When you're designing a website or product, it's like you're talking to the whole world. But when you're creating an email newsletter, you're talking to a particular person — your subscriber.

A personalized, user-friendly newsletter will result in more opens, more clicks, more sales for your business, and more happy customers around the world.

Apply these 13 tips to your email campaign, and you'll create a newsletter that people will love to read:

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Schedule Email Reminders Based On Future Events With EasyMail7

With EasyMail7 you can automatically send emails to your subscribers to remind them of any upcoming events — anything from a greeting card, or subscription renewal to reminders that they have to attend a webinar, online training, giveaway or whatever event you planned.

Normally, a series of automated email messages is sent to all of the subscribers on the list based on the subscription date or the date when the user was added to the list.

With EasyMail7 you can also send emails to particular users on your lists based on an event that will happen in the future which makes this email marketing software usable across many different niches where email marketing can be used.

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Track Mailto Links in Your Emails

If you are interesting in knowing how many of your contacts clicked on a mailto link in your email, there are two ways to accomplish this:

1. You can use a link shortener service like tinyurl.com to shorten your mailto link. Then insert it as a text link into your email and track link clicks. The tracking statistics will show how many of your contacts clicked on the mailto link. Then you can compare the number of clicks on the mailto link to the number of emails you actually sent.

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8 Secret Rules How to Get Better Response from Cold Emails

Ideally you wouldn’t send to a cold list. It’s not best-practice and if you have Canadians on your list you’d be violating CASL.

I suggest you figure out how to micro target emails to specific personas. Perhaps in batches of less than 100 a day. It worked well in the B2B vertical and you will get far better quality responses in a month, than the 100K/day spam your ‘offers’ to the list with prospects who do not have an existing relationship with your organization.

Here are 8 rules how to get a better response rate from your "cold" email:

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How to Know Your Inbox Placement and Detect Potential Delivery Issues before Sending Real Email Campaign

Email marketers need additional insight as to what mailbox providers do after they accept your email. Aside from measuring engagement metrics, marketers need tools to determine how their message is treated by major Internet providers around the world and whether it is delivered to the Inbox, spam folder or blocked before reaching the recipient’s mailbox.

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5-Point Checklist Before Sending Cold Email

“I’ve just got a list. Can I send emails to my list without asking for permission?” That is one of the most popular questions beginners in email marketing are asking. To comply with best email marketing practices, you must get the recipient’s permission before you can send emails to them. It is also important for a conversion rate. It is believed that people who don’t know anything about you won’t be willing to buy from you because they don’t trust you.

But sometimes sending emails to people who did not subscribe to your emails to get their attention and tell them about your product can be super-effective.

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Excellent Responsive Design Resources

With an increasing number of users reading email on mobile devices, it's a no-brainer to provide a better experience for them. Designing your "desktop" email to be more mobile friendly is the most important thing you would do with your campaigns. If you can make it easier for mobile recipients to scan the message, comprehend the content and then act on it, it stands to reason that a responsive design will help with results.

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