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Your license expired. You need to renew your license to update to the latest version of EasyMail7.

Your license is valid till {{ord.expDate|date:'mediumDate'}}. You can upgrade/downgrade your EasyMail7 license:


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The license covers program updates for the 12-month period from the date of purchase [*]. After the 12-month period, you can optionally pay a maintenance fee and receive another year of updates and support. On time maintenance fees are substantially lower than the first year costs [**].

If you want to have more users/workplaces, you can upgrade your license before or after the expiration of the 12-month period. Enter your order ID to calculate the upgrade price and/or maintenance fee.

[*] If you choose not to pay a maintenance fee for another year of updates, you can continue using the last version you obtained or are eligible to use. The 12 month time frame is merely for new versions/updates and has no relevance to rights of use (as long as the EULA is not violated).

[**] Maintenance fees increase on a monthly basis 30 days after the expiration of the 12 month period:

Months since purchase Discount
12 - 13 50%
13 - 14 30%
14 - 15 10%
15 and more 0%

If you have any questions or require assistance, email us support@glocksoft.com

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