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G-Lock EasyMail7
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 24 reviews
 by Randy Hunt
Wonderful Service and Support

I am using EasyMail7 with AWS. I am enjoying using the software, and it does more than what I expected. The support is unbelievable! I contacted support (Julia) with a complicated AWS question, and she knew exactly how to fix my situation. She took the time to go above and beyond what typical online companies ever do. I feel like I have a friend helping me in sending emails!

I encourage you to try Easymail7.


 by Steven Nagy
Very flexible email broadcast software

We are using this software for years now, and it's very handy to create our subscribers list as a query against our CRM database, and have the list updated automatically every time we send out another newsletter. A lot of other cloud solutions require you to export your list from your CRM, and import it back to their system, which is too much manual work.

EasyMail has lots of great features and they keep adding new ones. I just learned about how to update your CRM based on hard bounce back emails, to make sure you don't send again to those wrong addresses. G-Lock also sends you very useful tips about email marketing.

I am really happy to use their software.

Steven Nagy

Supply Chain Management Association Ontario,
IT Systems Administrator

 by Zeki J
Finally i have found the perfect bulk mail software!

I have been throwing money away year after year with Mad Mimi, Constant Contact etc.

Finally i discover Amazon SES. Low cost ($1 per 10,000 emails sent) and ultra high deliverability.

So all i needed was an app to connect to Amazon SES to send my emails from, manage my contacts, bounces, unsubscribes etc.

G-LOCK Easymail7 has answered all my prayers.

Email design / html importing: Easy.
Contact management: Piece of cake.
Bounce handling: Flawless.

Most importantly it is a stand alone app that does not require you to install on your web server. For example, Go Daddy do not support a wordpress bulk mailing solution. So using this stand alone application takes care of any of those possible issues. It's just you, easymail and amazon ses.

I have had a few technical niggles due to me setting it up incorrectly at the beginning but every time Julia and the team have assisted me promptly and successfully. After sales support is so important. These guys have it in abundance.

I thoroughly recommend this software. Does everything you need and the Customer Service is unbeatable. Go get it!

Zeki J
Properties Abroad,
IT Manager

 by Gary LaRoy
Exceptional Product ... Exceptional Service

EasyMail7 offers a comprehensive suite of services to assist the large-volume emailer. The ability to rotate email addresses allows you to break out of the limitations of many of the web hosting companies that restrict the number of emails you send on an hourly basis. Additionally, the easy integration with Amazon's SES program provides an exceptional tool for the ethical emailer.

Gary LaRoy, Principal

 by Vicki
GLock 7

We recently bought Glock 7 after using Glock 6 for a couple of years.
Glock7 is so much faster when sending out an email list and it is easier to use.
We are also receiving prompt tech support from the Glock team.

Thank you so much, Glock!

 by Niels
Exceptional personal support

Unusual in this day and age but true: I was having trouble setting up EasyMail with Glock Analytics and got personal, hands-on support from Glock via a scheduled web conference.

Where you still get that these days for a products/service priced at this level?

Really admirable.

 by Erik
Really Good!!

Really good and really good service!!

 by Paul Richer
Great Software

I've used EasyMail Pro for many years on my XP machine. I have just moved to Windows 8 and EasyMail 7. It is great software. It does just what you need it to do for bulk emailings. Support is wonderful with super-fast email responses to your queries.

 by Will
Excellent Support and a Great Product

I have used EasyMail7 since January this year and it does everything I need it to very well. There are a few features missing that I would like to see added at some point but I would say that it is the best desktop email sending software out there.

The service is the best part, its second to none. There have been numerous times when I have had to contact support for help when changing the server that the software runs on, and if they cannot help me fix the problem via live chat they use teamviewer to remotely log into your computer and fix the problems themselves.

There are also regular updates adding more and more great features, but what I would like to see incorporated at some point are automatic feedback loops and a better unsubscribe system.

Thanks Glock team!

 by Lethonia
Love The Support

I just got the trial and had problems. The support was great and that means a lot so after I try it out I'm going to buy. Thanks again.

 by Robert Debnam

This is a great program and the Support is second to none.

 by Tony States
G-Lock EasyMail is awesome, support is fantastic!

I love g-lock easymail, it works great, is very powerful, the support is fantastic, the interface is loaded with features.

I love the support emails telling us of new features, important updates and links to things that help us be better email marketers.

I am so glad to have this great tool that allows me to get away from the horrible, lame Mail Chimp and Constant Contact email clients with there horrendous delivery open rates...!!!

Thanks and Best regards,

 by Richard Mairet
Getting Better each time

I am using G-Lock EasyMail for few years now. But I am struck by the new G-Lock EasyMail7. Everything is smooth and running it a breeze.
This is a great program for making email a piece of cake in particular with the new responsive templates to a large database.

 by Alex Ch
My thoughts on EasyMail

I was looking for a simple and working solution to send our newsletter through Amazon SES. EasyMail7 offers exactly that and much more.
+ the tech support is just awesome. Always online with prompt action! Thanks a lot.

 by Alain Mady
MySQL link to import emails...

We are happy with your EasyMail7 However we need some help technical data in PDF to learn better this new version 7.


You can download the both G-Lock EasyMail7 Startup Guide and Admin Guide in PDF from http://easymail7.com/downloads/

 by Rob
Great Program!

This makes our mailings a breeze. It stores and categorizes our lists which makes the task of mailing much easier. JPEG uploads are an easy one step process. Creating newsletters are very easy. You don't have to know code to work this program.

 by Rich Wozniak
MYSQL Interface

The MYSQL interface is the most important feature to us. Look at many alternatives but none provided that key feature at this price point. Since purchasing the product I've never seen such personalized support from any other vendor. Great to work with!

 by Justin Bertwistle
Highly Recommend this software and this upgrade!

Have been using Ver. 6 of G-lock and it was always good, but Ver. 7 is amazing!

Though I was hesitant at first, due to the fact that we send in excess of half a million emails a month to our customers, I shouldn't have worried.

The new interface is great, there are so many options literally a click away.

Further to this, though there have been some minor bugs as with any new software, the support from G-lock has been first class and these little issues are fixed very very quickly.

Highly recommend!

Justin B

 by Ray Taylor
G-Lock EasyMail 7

I have been using Ver. 5 for our Alumni Association to send out emails. Got a chance to upgrade to Ver. 7. Wow - This is a big step up. Works great. I did have a small problem but customer service was fantastic and fixed the problem in no time. This is a great Product and glad I up-graded to Ver. 7 and would highly recommend it

Ray Taylor

 by Walt Cade
Online support

Not sure who, I think, Dimitry. All went great, he got online and fixed my problem. But this is what he was supposed to do. What pushed it over the top, was he asked me if he could show me something else and I was delighted with the extra time. I'm still struggling with the software, but glad I have good support behind me.

Walt Cade

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