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Canadian Anti-Spam Law for Bulk Emails

… and what you need to do to comply with Final CASL Regulations.

In 2010, Canada adopted an anti-spam law called "The Fighting Internet and Wireless Spam Act (FISA)". Recently published, its final regulations provide details on the requirements for valid recipient's consent, required contact information and unsubscribe mechanism to be included in each commercial electronic message. The anti-spam provisions will take effect on July 1, 2014.

The important things to remember: the statute is not just about email spam, but any "commercial electronic message", and any message via telecommunication, landline or mobile, such as text, sound, voice, image, IM, or "any similar account". Presumably, that would include social media venues as well. The regulations cover the sending part only. It is irrelevant whether the message gets delivered or whether the email address exists or not. It is the transmission alone that will be deemed illicit.

Let's have a closer look at the above regulations and how you can comply with them using G-Lock Software products.

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