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G-Lock EasyMail7 Web Client

G-Lock EasyMail7 has built in Web Service and offers a RESTful interface for consuming JSON content via AJAX or mobile clients.

We included the basic demo web client into the program installation which shows how to create a RESTful JavaScript client.

In the current version of the web client you can:

  • compose an email message from a template or draft;
  • compose an email message from scratch;
  • send an email message to one or several groups;
  • save an email message as a draft;
  • edit and delete templates and drafts;
  • view contacts in internal and external groups (databases);
  • view sent emails in the Outbox.
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10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Email Open and Click Rate

All the marketing talk these days is about social media. Of course, social media is an effective tool, it’s great for people engagement but it's not the best way to drive sales. The research shows that a good old email is still far more effective than social media in attracting customers to your products or services online.

Email is effective because it’s permission-based. People on your list have given you the permission to send them email messages. And, with the popularity of smartphones and tablets, they're always online. Email is the number two activity for people on their phones. What's more, customers who come to businesses via email tend to shop more and spend more.

Email marketing is one of the most popular means of marketing products or services in today's world for 6 reasons:

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How to Save Money and Speed up Message Sending with G-Lock EasyMail7

Sometimes our customers complain about slow message sending with G-Lock EasyMail7. We investigate the issue and often discover that the problem is in a big message size and slow Internet connection the user has.

In most cases the big message size is caused by images used in the message. If the message has several images with a big size, so you can expect your message will "weight" much.

The solution is to optimize the images and upload them to your web server.

I did a case study to demonstrate you how the optimization of the images and uploading them to a web server helps decrease the message size in almost 10 times, and consequently, speed up the message sending and save you money for data traffic if you are sending through a paid SMTP server like Amazon SES.

Read about my case study below.

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G-Lock EasyMail7 v7.0.6: New Features and Improvements

We released a highly important update for G-Lock EasyMail7. Read this post to learn about new features, bug fixes and improvements in G-Lock EasyMail7 v7.0.6.

1. We added the options to import email templates from .zip and .eml files.

If you downloaded a free responsive HTML email template from a website, or purchased an email template, or received it from your designer, you can easily import the template into G-Lock EasyMail7 and use it to create email newsletters.

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G-Lock EasyMail7 v7.0.5: New Features Overview

In this quick post you will learn about the features and options we added in G-Lock EasyMail7 v7.0.5.

1. In the Workplace Settings under the Custom Header Fields tab we added the "Insert 'List-Unsubscribe' field into the message header" option.

Some ISP are now integrating with the List-Unsubscribe header instead of reporting spam. The header should include a link to an unsubscribe form. The presence of this header can sometimes turn on images or add a special icon in the inbox to denote a safe sender.

G-Lock EasyMail7 will automatically form the 'List-Unsubscribe' header field by including the unsubscribe link from "Group Links", or from the "Profile Links" (under Workplace Settings) if the group does not have the unsubscribe link under "Group Links".

If you enable G-Lock Analytics email tracking, the program will use the unsubscribe link from your G-Lock Analytics campaign.

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New Amazon SES Endpoints Now Available!

When you send emails through Amazon SES API or SMTP in G-Lock EasyMail7, you connect to an URL that provides an endpoint for the Amazon SES API or SMTP interface.

Amazon SES has always been a global service, but until the recent time it was hosted only in the US East (N. Virginia) Region. Recently the Amazon SES team has announced that SES had expanded into the US West (Oregon) and EU (Ireland) AWS Regions.

What's in it for you? Now G-Lock EasyMail7 users based in Europe can achieve reduced network latency by using SES’s EU endpoint instead of making cross-region SES calls to US East, and US users can use the US West (Oregon) endpoint if it is closer to them.

It's a good idea to choose an endpoint closest to your application. The following table lists the AWS regions in which Amazon SES is available, and the corresponding endpoints for the Amazon SES API and SMTP interface:

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