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G-Lock EasyMail7 v7.2.0: You Can Send Emails to Subscribers Stored in WPNewsman

The new 7.2.0 version of G-Lock EasyMail7 is released and we highly recommend that you install it.

The new version is fully integrated with our WPNewsman newsletter plugin. This means you can use WPNewsman completely free to collect email subscribers on your WordPress site and then create a direct link to your subscribers' lists stored in WPNewsman through API and send them email newsletters using G-Lock EasyMail7. It is useful if:

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Canadian Anti-Spam Law for Bulk Emails

… and what you need to do to comply with Final CASL Regulations.

In 2010, Canada adopted an anti-spam law called "The Fighting Internet and Wireless Spam Act (FISA)". Recently published, its final regulations provide details on the requirements for valid recipient's consent, required contact information and unsubscribe mechanism to be included in each commercial electronic message. The anti-spam provisions will take effect on July 1, 2014.

The important things to remember: the statute is not just about email spam, but any "commercial electronic message", and any message via telecommunication, landline or mobile, such as text, sound, voice, image, IM, or "any similar account". Presumably, that would include social media venues as well. The regulations cover the sending part only. It is irrelevant whether the message gets delivered or whether the email address exists or not. It is the transmission alone that will be deemed illicit.

Let's have a closer look at the above regulations and how you can comply with them using G-Lock Software products.

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When’s the Best Time to Send Email to Your List?

It’s important that you find the best time to send your email newsletters. If you email at the wrong time, at best your emails don’t get the proper attention, at worse they are deleted without being opened by the recipient. This adversely affects your open and click rate.

What time is the best to send an email campaign depends on numerous variables such as email content, business type, target audience, etc.

Though there is no best sending time that would be optimal for all email marketers, we’d like to share with you some thoughts about the best and worst times to send your email newsletters.

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10 Ways to Use Automated Emails to Drive Traffic to Your Website and Increase Your Business Income

There is no completely free website traffic. If you do not pay with money for advertising, press releases, or articles, you pay with your time and creativity. So in order your investment does not go for nothing, you'll want to retain each and every subscriber you attract, from the very first days of their subscription.

That’s why before you start collecting subscribers at your site, it's a good idea to build your autoresponder first. Automated emails are a tool that marketers and bloggers should consider as a means of driving traffic, reinforcing reader's engagement, converting subscribers into real buyers and increasing profits.

What to write in automated emails? Below I share with you some practical strategies for creating automated emails for your subscribers. You can also combine some of the following ideas into one follow-up series.

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G-Lock EasyMail7 v7.1.0: Now You Can Use Autoresponders for Email Marketing

One of the easiest ways to dramatically impact your conversion rate is to engage with your subscribers via a well-written, educational email series that brings them back to your product or service.

And the best way to setup an email series is through an autoresponder. Setting up an autoresponder is the first step for an effective use of your opt-in emails to grow your business.

In the version 7.1.0 of G-Lock EasyMail7 we added autoresponders — automatic email campaigns that improve your reader's experience and help you convert prospects into customers.

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Top 10 Reasons Why Email Marketing Fails

When you make your first steps in email marketing, you are probably very enthusiastic about sending a lot of emails to many people. But being in this euphoric mood, you can do things that can get you in trouble with ISPs. Even a minor negligence can “favour” your email being filtered as spam or junk mail. You don’t definitely want to end up in junk folders and blacklists, do you?

So, before you start sending your email campaigns, check out this list of common mistakes that email marketing newbies often make:

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4 Possible Reasons for Poor Email Newsletter Deliverability

In addition to some technical problems that may cause your emails being blocked or filtered, there are other issues that can negatively affect your deliverability. The issues we’re going to examine are related your email copy and are under your full control. That makes it more important that you carefully check your email newsletter before sending it to the whole list in order to get a higher delivery rate.

Here is what you need to pay a closer attention to when creating and sending your email newsletter:

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How to Protect Your Mail Server from Being Blacklisted and What Reliable Email Solution Use to Send to Inbox

Blacklists are the most challenging issue for email marketers. You may follow best email marketing practices compliant with CAN-SPAM law and still end up in a blacklist. The worst thing is that you will not even know that you are blacklisted until you take some steps to investigate the issue.

So, in this article we’ll talk about the causes why you may get into a blacklist, examine the ways how you can determine if you’ve been blacklisted or not, and give several tips what to do if you got blacklisted.

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Why My Emails Get Blocked or Filtered to Junk Folder

It often happens that legitimate emails are blocked or moved to the Junk folder by ISPs. Whatever the cause of the email blocking is, you can take it under your control and adjust your email sender program to overcome the ISP email blocking challenges in your future campaigns. After you understand why ISPs block some emails and how you can avoid the problems, you will be able to improve your email deliverability and increase your email open rate.

So, why do emails get blocked or filtered?

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G-Lock EasyMail v7.0.8: New Features Overview

We released the new 7.0.8 version of G-Lock EasyMail7 where we added many important features. Read this post to learn about new features and improvements in G-Lock EasyMail7 v7.0.8.

1. G-Lock EasyMail7 web client is now available. You can login into the web client in any browser on any device including iPad, Android tablet pc, Windows tablet pc etc. and run an email campaign, check how the email campaign was sent, look through the contacts or simply check the data you have on the EasyMail7 Server. Here you can more about G-Lock EasyMail7 web client.

2. We added the new sending mode – sending through multiple SMTP servers. You can choose this sending mode if you have a large mailing list and want to spread the load over several SMTP servers. When you send emails through multiple SMTP servers, the program distributes messages evenly between the SMTP servers.

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