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Help Us Spread the Word about G-Lock EasyMail7!


We don't usually ask much of you. We try to make you happy. But today we'd like to ask your help. Do you love G-Lock EasyMail7? If it's saving you time, please, spread the word about it.

We are happy if our email marketing solution makes your life easier and helps you in business. We believe that with your word of mouth it can be known by others who are at pain with managing email lists and sending them newsletters.

It's pretty easy to spread the word about G-Lock EasyMail7:

  • Email your friends. A personal advice is most valuable.

  • Tweet about us!

  • Follow us on Twitter

  • Like our Facebook page

  • Plus us on Google+

More ways…

By doing it, you're helping yourself. The more users, the better experience, the more bugs discovered and fixed.

We're doing our best to make G-Lock EasyMail7 flawless, powerful, and simply the best email marketing and mailing list management program and we're saying "Thank You!" for your support. Your likes, shares and comments make us happy!


Best Regards,
G-Lock Software Team


EasyMail7 customers

Do you want more?


WPNewsman - Wordpress Plugin

If you want grow your readership and develop a better relationship with your audience then building a mailing list or newsletter for your website is an excellent solution. WPNewsman allows you to create and manage a newsletter service from within your WordPress site.

Download WPNewsman here

G-Lock Analytics

G-Lock Email Analytics

Enables our subscribers to track opens, clicks, forwards, prints, deletes, email client usage, and much more. Collect unsubscribes directly into your email analytics account. Works with ANY email marketing program or service and integrated with G-Lock EasyMail7

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HTML Email Templates

Free HTML Templates

All templates are compatible with G-Lock EasyMail7 and tested in major email clients. You save your time for creating a HTML email newsletter [just pick the desired template and add your content]. The collection is regularly updated with new designs.

Get my Free Templates