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11 Reasons to Test Email Before You Send It

Often we’re so hurry to send our newsletter that we do not have time to test it. Sometimes we are too lazy to do that relying on the template designer, or successful past mailings.

The truth is that every email newsletter should be tested even if you or someone else used that template yesterday. Not only can email clients and webmail apps damage your design, but they can also cut off links, subject lines, and images. Such glitches can negatively affect your email open rate, click rate, conversions, and most importantly your sender reputation.

Thus, whether you designed a new email from scratch, or used an existing email template, there is still a need to test the message before it goes out to your subscribers.

Below are 11 reasons to test each email newsletter before sending:

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G-Lock EasyMail v7.6: Now You Can Connect to Webapps through Zapier

Hi, we released of the new 7.6 version of EasyMail7 and we want to introduce you into the new features and improvements of this version.

The main addition is the ability to integrate EasyMail7 with hundreds of best-in-breed web services through Zapier. With Zapier you can easily connect EasyMail7 to other applications you use like Gmail, Google Docs, Salesforce, Shopify, Highrise, PayPal, and whole lot more.

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New Drag-and-Drop Template Builder in EasyMail7

Hi, we released of the new 7.5 version of EasyMail7 and we want to introduce you into the new features and improvements of this version.

The main addition is the new drag-and-drop template builder.

In older versions of EasyMail 6 and 7 creating and editing an email template was rather awkward and not user friendly. You might have to hire an email designer to create a nice template for you, or spend hours coding the right HTML yourself either directly in G-Lock EasyMail or in a 3rd party HTML editor.

In the 7.5.0 version of G-Lock EasyMail7 we made things easy by adding the drag-and-drop feature that allows you to create a nice email within a few minutes without even opening the HTML source.

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How to Use Engagement-Based Segmentation to Turn Subscribers into Buyers

There was a time not a long ago when you were pleasantly surprised or even excited to receive an email. That time has gone and now you see new emails coming to your mailbox either indifferently, or you fall into a rage. There is an obvious reason for this. According to the Fortune magazine, an average user receives 147 emails a day. If the user spends at least 1 minute to open and scan each message, this takes 2,5 hours a day and 17,5 hours a week. So, no wonder that your open rates and click rates are falling down.

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10 Most Important Email Marketing Questions Answered

Did you know that email reaches three times more people than Twitter and Facebook together? That’s a lot of people! So, there’s no doubt that you should put email marketing into practice. Before you do that, spend some time to discover the email marketing best practices by reading these answers to ten most important questions. We hope they will help you understand common "do" and "dont’s" of email marketing.

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How to Choose the Right SMTP Service for Email Marketing

You can use EasyMail7 as a powerful front-end to email delivery vendors and SMTP relays. It enables you to effectively manage delivery INHOUSE or outsource it to multiple providers like Amazon SES, Mailgun, SparkPost, SendGrid, etc. You can quickly switch email sending services without losing your contact list, autoresponders, and other data.

You can segment your list by country, ISP or other factors and send from the SMTP or delivery service with the best deliverability – and the best chance for optimal revenue — to each segment.

There are multiple options to choose an SMTP relay or delivery service from:

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G-Lock EasyMail7 v7.3.0: New Features and Improvements

The new 7.3.0 version of G-Lock EasyMail7 is available for download. Below is the list of new features and improvements in G-Lock EasyMail7 v7.3.0.

1. We added the automatic backup feature in the "Manage Server" settings. Now you can manually create the EasyMail7 Server backup at any time or turn the automatic backup creation option to On and let the program create backup at a regular basis without your participation.

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10 Things to Avoid in Your Next Email Newsletter

After you've got a list of subscribers, you can start building a relationship with your list by sending them email newsletters. The more people open and read your emails, the more customers and sales you get.

Creating an email newsletter that would find a high response with your leads is an art in some way. Often I receive email newsletters that are terribly bad. On the other hand, there are many that I like.

So, if you're having a poor conversion rate or just planning your first email campaign, remember these 10 things that you should avoid in your email newsletters:

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