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Automated Complaint and Bounce Processing for Keeping Your Groups Clean

With the Bounce Handler supplied with G-Lock EasyMail7 you can quickly process bounce messages after your email campaign is complete. The Bounce Handler provides you with the most accurate bounce detection solution. It downloads your bounces and classifies them as hard bounce, soft bounce, mail block and abuse/fraud feedback reports.

The Bounce Handler can automatically unsubscribe or delete bounce email addresses from internal groups. Plus, it can automatically update external databases, insert and delete bounce emails from external databases — you won’t find this unique capability in any competitor’s program!

process bounce emails

In addition, the Bounce Manager can determine and delete these types of emails from the server: transient bounce, challenge-response and auto-reply messages.

The Bounce Handler helps you prevent your IP address from being blacklisted for repeated sending to invalid email addresses and keep your good sender reputation. Plus, your future email campaigns will be sent faster because G-Lock EasyMail7 won't waste time for trying to send the message to invalid recipients.

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