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Quick Drag-and-Drop Message Editor

The mobile friendly email templates with drag and drop objects allow you to quickly create professional emails with your look and feel. You do not need to hire an email designer to create a nice HTML email for you, or spend hours coding the right HTML yourself in a 3rd party editor. G-Lock EasyMail7 has the built in drag-and-drop message editor that does things very quickly.

See our drag-and-drop email editor in action in this 3 min video:

To create a nice email message, you can use the default basic email template and customize it using particular blocks: buttons, dividers, featured, images, text, text-photo and footer blocks. Simply drag and drop the block into the message in the edit pane. Insert your own images into the message and add your text.

With our easy to use drag-and-drop message editor in EasyMail 7 the only sky is the limit in your ability to design a beautiful responsive email like a professional designer in just a few minutes.


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