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New Drag-and-Drop Template Builder in EasyMail7

Hi, we released of the new 7.5 version of EasyMail7 and we want to introduce you into the new features and improvements of this version.

The main addition is the new drag-and-drop template builder.

In older versions of EasyMail 6 and 7 creating and editing an email template was rather awkward and not user friendly. You might have to hire an email designer to create a nice template for you, or spend hours coding the right HTML yourself either directly in G-Lock EasyMail or in a 3rd party HTML editor.

In the 7.5.0 version of G-Lock EasyMail7 we made things easy by adding the drag-and-drop feature that allows you to create a nice email within a few minutes without even opening the HTML source.

Watch this 3-minute video to learn how easy it is to design a beautiful responsive email like a professional in G-Lock EasyMail7 v7.5.0:

After you open a new template or message, at the right side of the edit window you can find a variety of blocks that you can simply drag and drop into the edit panel to build a template.

And we've created a basic template for you. You can drag and drop it into the edit panel and then customize the template using particular blocks: buttons, dividers, featured, images, text, text-photo and footer blocks.

When you hover the mouse over the block, at the right upper corner you can see the control bar with 3 buttons: Properties, Duplicate, and Delete.

To change the block properties, click on the "Properties" button, or press F4, and at the right panel you can change the block padding, background color, and font.

To duplicate a block, click on the "Duplicate" button. In that case the formatting and style of the block is kept intact.

You can remove a block by clicking on the "Delete" button at the right upper corner of the block.

To insert an image, use the "Insert Picture" option if your image fits the width and height specified on the picture placeholder. Or, use the Image Wizard if you have a large image and need to re-size it.

If the block consists of several smaller blocks, sometimes it can be difficult to catch the control bar of the entire block. In that case, hold down the Control button and hover the mouse over the block. The control bar will be shown at the left bottom corner of the block.

When the template structure is ready, you can proceed with adding your text. In the 7.5.0 version of G-Lock EasyMail7 you can drag and drop some text from a file or web page. And as always, you can type or copy-paste text right in the template editor.

Another nice feature in the 7.5.0 version is that now the program automatically puts the cursor at the right place in the source when you switch from the edit tab to the HTML source. Just put the cursor at the desired place in the message when you are in the edit screen and switch to the source tab. You’ll be at the right place in the code.

After the template is finished, you can save your amazing design for further use in your email campaigns.

Other additions in G-Lock EasyMail7 v7.5.0 are:

ability to execute a script during email sending;

ability to create user groups with custom permissions;

SFTP support when uploading images to the FTP server;

"Backup Sent Items" option to the Automatic Backup Settings. By default this option is unchecked and the program does not save processed, sent and failed emails to the backup to get a smaller backup file size.

"Save Mapping" and "Load Mapping" options to the "Create New Group" and "Import" window;

online backup which means the EasyMail7 Server does not stop and the program continue working during the backup creation.

Click here to download the free v7.5 version of EasyMail7.

If you have a paid license, download your licensed 7.5 version of EasyMail7 here.

Important! Make sure you always update both EasyMail7 Server and Client to the latest version to avoid errors and wrong functionality of the program.


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Comments (2)

  • Tim Johnston


    Are you able to create your own drag and drop elements? I have some standard elements like a sidebar, footer etc. that include database tags etc, so I’d like to create a re-configured drag a drop element… Thanks.


  • Dmitry Vladyko


    The version 7.5 is not yet has the ability to create your own drag and drop elements. We’ll add this in the version 7.6.


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